Lavondé’s Light is a home décor brand I created to commemorate the memory of my mom, Evangelist Lavondé Whitten. My mother passed away on October 18, 2016 due to complications associated with cancer. She was an inspiration to each and every person she touched, so I knew I wanted to honor her memory in a manner that would do her spirit justice; thus, the Lavondé’s Light brand was born.

Because my mother was truly a light to all she encountered, our signature products are scented soy candles so that everybody can possess some of my mother’s joy, peace and light into their own home. And because my mother was a vegan (I was raised vegan and have been vegan since birth) all products will be made with cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly ingredients. Our candles are soy and scented with a propriety blend of pure essential oils. Currently, other offerings include room scents and auto fragrances. Because this is currently a boutique brand, all products will be handmade in Charlotte, NC, my mother’s hometown.

As an evangelist, my mother dedicated her life to service and “Kingdom building.” She never wanted anyone to do without and one of the causes closest to her heart was feeding children and entire families in need. Because of her example, 10 percent of all annual profits will go towards providing families with healthy and nutritious meals–it’s my way of fulfilling my mom’s legacy and helping those who need it.
Look around and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

Love and Light,
Jameka Whitten
Owner – Lavonde’s Light