Mom’s Warm Hug!

Weren’t your mom’s hugs therapeutic? I know my mom’s hugs were. Moms always know how tightly to wrap you in their arms, especially when you need it the most. When my mom hugged me, I could allow the stress of reality to melt away, even if only for a moment. We started Lavonde’s Light as a way to share the same warmth I felt every day with my mom. Each candle was crafted to fill your space with the aroma of comfort, love, and light. With a year like 2020, a mom-like hug is needed more than ever. 

 “When I Think of Home” is part of our Candle Collection and boasts an earthy blend of soothing orange, sandalwood, jasmine, balsam, lemon, and grapefruit. This candle is perfect for an everyday burn and establishing a signature home fragrance. 

 “Warmth”  is the epitome of comfort. With notes of vanilla, raspberry, blackberry, and citrus; this candle wraps you in a hug of familiarity.

Clarity” is made with pure lemongrass essential oil and helps to soothe your senses necessary for focus. Lemongrass is known to assist with mental clarity and boost energy levels which makes this the perfect candle to burn while reading, studying, or working.

From adapting to our standard of new normal to as simple as missing the embrace of your mom, our candles are ideal for stress management.

How are you managing your stress levels?

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