Lavondes Light soy candle

Cozy is Where the SOY Candle is…

Close your eyes and picture this. It’s a beautiful weekend morning, and you’ve been able to sleep in  an extra hour–or two. You roll over and get out of bed to get your day started. Turn on your favorite pot of coffee or tea, crack open a good book and light a candle. As you turn the pages and sip your morning coffee, the aroma of the candle envelope and surround you in the room. Now open your eyes. Sound like an ideal morning? Our hand-crafted soy candles are created with your perfect mornings in mind. Here are some benefits to choosing our soy candles over a paraffin candle.

Longer Burn

Soy wax produces a slower burn, resulting in your candles lasting longer.

Stronger Scent

The essential oil fragrance used  in our products isn’t masked behind chemicals that would be in traditional paraffin wax.

Better Air Quality

While all candles produce some form of soot, soy has a cleaner emission allowing for a more pure air quality.

Instant Moisturizer

The melted wax can be used as a moisturizer. Not only will you smell amazing, but your skin will love it.  

Made with Light and Love

Our signature products are scented soy candles so that everybody can possess some of my mother’s joy, peace and light into their own home.

Our soy candles are made with cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly ingredients that help you create an environment you can’t wait to come home to. Visit our store to add to your candle collection.  

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